- with protection against chemical splashes


In 2021, Tranemo proudly launched Cantex Weld Stretch (WS) - the world’s first inherently flame retardant collection that is completely PFAS-free and provides chemical protection to EN 13034. The collection also offers the highest level of protection against splashes of molten metal and exceeds the requirements for heavy welding according to EN ISO 11611 class 2. 


Tranemo joined Chemsec’s Corporate PFAS Movement - ”No to PFAS” to influence the way chemical legislations are implemented in practice in 2021. At Tranemo we take responsibility for how our business affects people, animals and the environment and we are working hard to phase out PFAS from our products to minimise the use of chemicals. We do our best to avoid the use of PFAS in our garments and in the cases where repellence of oils and oil-based chemicals are not directly necessary we replace it with PFAS-free alternatives. We have been actively working to find a fluorocarbon-free alternative that meets our high standards of safety and environmental performance for several years. The launch of Cantex WS with a fluorocarbon-free treatment was an important milestone in Tranemo’s commitment to innovative and sustainable product development. Since then, our Flame retardant collections Outback Heavy Welding and Edge, our High Visibility collection Vision HV, and our standard Workwear have been updated and are now completely PFAS-free as well. We are continuously working towards our goal of being PFAS-free within all our Flame Retardant collections where it is not needed for protection.


Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been used in the textile industry for a long time to protect textiles from moisture, grease, and dirt. However, these substances are extremely difficult for nature to break down and therefore have negative effects on the environment. A fluorocarbon free finish does not contain any fluorine atoms in the molecular chain, which makes it more environmentally friendly. In our Flame Retardant collections, fluorocarbon free fabrics comply with EN 13034 for acid and alkaline with excellent results and provide a repellent protection against water and water-soluble dirt.


The reason why fluorocarbons are still used is due to their excellent ability to repel oil and oil-based chemicals. Since some industries require oil-repellent protective clothing or protection against O-xylene and Butanol in EN 13034, it is unfortunately currently impossible to phase out fluorocarbons completely.


With the launch of Cantex WS, and the other PFAS-free collections, we are taking our sustainability efforts to the next level. Tranemo sees great potential in the newly developed technology, which eliminates the need for fluorocarbons without affecting the overall level of protection of garments. This makes the collection a pioneering commitment to innovation and the first of its kind on the market. To work with innovative solutions that have less impact on the environment without compromising on the level of protection is inspiring and one of the main focus areas at Tranemo.