For over 90 years we at Tranemo have been working towards a safer workplace.

Since 2004, we have been a leading European supplier of Inherent Flame Retardant and Arc Flash workwear. 


The Tranemo group now consists of HQ and Sales Offices in Sweden and subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Ireland, Benelux (covering Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg), Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Together we offer one of the strongest sales and service organisations in Europe. Annually, the group distributes over 700 000 high quality workwear garments to customers throughout Europe and the World. Our Head Office and Logistics Centre is located in Tranemo, Sweden and the majority of our production takes place within our own facilities in Bulgaria or with partnering companies in Europe. 

Tranemo - Leading the way in safety and innovation 

Tranemo has a simple vision that no one should be seriously injured in an accident where the correct work clothing could have prevented the accident or helped to reduce the consequences of it. We strive to make workplaces safer by leading the development of new advanced Flame Retardant solutions. We also help to provide the market with the best advice on how to protect against various workplace risks such as heat, flame, electric arc, molten metal, chemicals and the risk of explosion. To ensure this we provide training for every one of our employees, all the way from our board members to the newest recruits. We call this The Safety Academy. These training courses include learning about the industries our customers work within, their safety needs and risks, products suitable for each scenario and many other areas. It’s a deeply rooted part of the Tranemo DNA and culture, and helps us get closer to our vision and core values of being innovative, reliable and experts.





We work towards our vision by identifying hidden dangers as well as helping our customers by customizing our products for their specific niche and needs. Being in close contact with our customers and hearing their problems is a vital part of our work. A big reason for our internal Safety Academy project is to make sure everyone within Tranemo has a deep understanding of our customers' needs, no matter who you are within the company. 


To make sure we offer the highest quality garments  in the industry, we work with some of the most innovative weavers, knitters and fibre suppliers on the market to create our own textile qualities. These textiles are then sent to the factories in Bulgaria and turned into our inherent Flame Retardant garments and PPE. 


Tranemo only works with inherent Flame Retardant fabrics - the protection cannot be worn away or washed out of the fabric. Therefore, the protection offered by the fabric lasts for the lifetime of the garment. Our customers cover a wide variety of industrial sectors including Electricity and Energy, Smelters and Foundries, Welding, Railway, Mining, Explosive Industry, Petrochemical, Electric Car Industry and Traffic.  All our stock garments are fully certified to the relevant EN Standards. 

A sustainable future: Our responsibility 

80% of a garment’s environmental impact happens in the production phase.  Making as sustainable changes and choices as possible minimises our environmental impact during our production phase. A conscious decision has been made to create PPE with a focus on longevity, making sure that they’re easily mendable and to educate our customers and partners in how it’s done. 


The PPE industry also happens to use PFAS in a lot of garments, something that has a vastly negative effect on our environment and health. However, there are some benefits in certain risk environments that no other material can compare to. We work towards a 0 use of PFAS in our garments and are an active part of the “No to PFAS”-movement, and only offer PFAS in PPE where no other material can handle the safety risks better. 


To keep ourselves accountable and measure our efforts, we produce our own annual Sustainability Report as well as participate in EcoVadis Sustainability Rating. 



Towards the future: Advancing safety and sustainability 

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to driving positive change within the Flame Retardant PPE sector. Embracing a culture of innovation and excellence, we are dedicated to raising the bar and setting new standards of quality and performance. Through a strategic approach to product development, we continuously explore different ways and use new technologies to enhance the effectiveness and reliability of our PPE solutions.


Moreover, our focus on sustainability drives us to explore alternative materials and production methods, ensuring that our products not only offer superior protection, but also contribute to a healthier planet. By staying ahead of the curve and anticipating the evolving needs of our customers, we remain at the forefront of the industry, empowering individuals and organisations with the confidence to operate safely in even the most challenging environments. 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and if you would like to see more from us you can follow us on LinkedIn. 

All for a safe workplace.

Since 1934.