At Tranemo, we take environmental and climate impact into account at every stage of the product life cycle, right from the product development phase. 

The latest research report from Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) shows that the most effective way to reduce the environmental impact of clothing is to increase the useful life of garments. If we prolong the active lifetime of a garment by a factor of two, its carbon footprint is reduced by 49%. This also means less waste and less demand on resources.

Our goal is to ensure that users get the most environmentally friendly products that also provide the right level of protection. The first stage in our product development process is a deep analysis based on a risk assessment, environmental impact and life cycle perspective. By doing so we ensure environmental improvements throughout the entire value chain. Design and construction of our garments are based on high utilisation and low fabric waste rate, good possibilities to repair and enhancing the longevity of the product life cycle. This means that the customer gets a garment that lasts longer, has lower total cost of ownership and has minimal impact on the environment.